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"The Sound Soother has helped me to balance my sleep cycle."

"The Sound Soother has helped me to balance my sleep cycle."

Sleep Aids

There are many sleep aids available on the market. It can be worth experimenting with. Sometimes a simple device can make the difference to having a great sleep. Here are a few sleep aids:

The Dreammate stimulates the acupressure points that help induce sleep — without drugs, without side effects. Perfect for frequent travelers and insomniacs. You just wear the wristband is worn on your left wrist for 30 minutes before retiring to promote healthy sleeping patterns. The Leg-Spacer Pillow is made of heat-sensitive foam that molds to your body's shape, weight and warmth to provide support. Place between your knees to keep your legs, hips and back comfortably aligned when sleeping on your side. The Sound Soother 20 plays 20 soothing sounds leave you feeling:
  • relaxed
  • clear-headed
  • rejuvenated
The Sound Soother 20 features all-digital recordings with amazing fidelity played through a high-quality omni-directional speaker. The sounds will mask out traffic noises, barking dogs or your snoring partner. The 60-minute sleep-timer gently ramps the sound down to total silence The Chillow keeps you cool and comfortable.The Chillow is filled with a foam/gel. You add water and put it in your pillow case. The Chillow pulls heat away from your head, quickly dropping the surface temperature. You get a good nights sleep and feel fresh and alert in the morning.
The Chillow can also be used like an ice pack for:
  • sunburns
  • swollen joints
  • strained muscles
Badger Sleep Balm contains blend of:
  • balsam fir extracts
  • oil of bergamot
  • oil of ginger
  • oil of rosemary
  • oil of lavender
which promotes relaxation. You rub the oil blend onto your temples, chin or pulse points. The relaxing fragrance will help you slip off to dreamland.

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Sleep aids
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We encourage you to discuss your sleep problems with your doctor.



 Sleep Aid
Splintek SleepRight Side Sleeping Pillow (24x12x4) Helps reduce snoring and insomnia.

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Snorepin - The Smarter Solution Against Snoring and Sleep Apnea (Advanced Design Save Your Lungs)

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The SnoreWizard

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Zzoma for Snoring


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