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Relief from Snoring

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Snoring Problem

Why does snoring happen to some people and not others? There are a number of reasons why people snore including:

  • physical reasons
  • dietary
  • lifestyle choices
The size, shape and structure of the nose may contributory to snoring. There may be a structural obstructions such as:
  • deviated septum (the partition between the two sides of the nose)
  • polyps that have obstructed the air passage
When you sleep your soft palate and the tongue relax. In some people this causes a compression of the throat, leading to vibrations that result in snoring. This physical effect is emphasized if you lie flat-on-the-back when you sleep. This is the main reason for encouraging a snorer to turn over onto his or her side during sleep.Two of the main factors that contribute to snoring are:
  • smoking
  • alcohol consumption
These products interfere with the minute cilia (fine hairs) that line the nasal passage, and with the bronchioles (tubes leading to the air sacs) of the lungs. This inhibits absorption of the nutrients that are essential for relaxing and restful sleep.Mild food intolerances can also cause a snoring problem. Food that causes inflammation of the digestive tissues can restrict the air passages. You can try noting the particular foods eaten every day and comparing it to nights you snore. if the problem occurs repeatedly, you may then be able to identify foods that are common to several snoring incidents. Dairy products are known to be mucus-forming and can make snoring worse by partially blocking the airways to the lungs. Eliminating cow’s milk and other dairy products for as little as two weeks may help your snoring problem.

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We encourage you to discuss your sleep problems with your doctor.



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